4th Australian Bee Congress

Emeritus* Professor Ben Oldroyd

Ben Oldroyd

Emeritus* Professor Ben Oldroyd

Professor of Behavioural Genetics, University of Sydney


He completed a BSc in Agriculture at the University of Sydney in 1980 and a PhD on bee breeding in 1984. Ben’s research focuses on the genetics of honey bees, the evolution of social behaviour, and evolution more broadly. In 2001, Ben was awarded a Doctor of Science for his contributions to the understanding of the evolution of honey bee societies. Ben is heavily involved with the Australian beekeeping industry, including helping beekeepers breed better, healthier strains. Ben has made important contributions to our understanding of the biology of Asian honey bees and Cape bees. His book Asian Honey Bees: Biology, Conservation and Human Interactions (Harvard University Press) is the authoritative text on the subject. Ben has authored over 300 scientific papers on honey bees and stingless bees and his papers have been cited over 15,000 times. Ben is currently Chair of the Honey Bee and Pollination advisory Committee of Agrifutures. His current projects include completing a book on epigenetics to be published next year by Melbourne University Press, renovating a dilapidated B&B in Bingil Bay in Queensland, and dreaming about starting a pollination business.

* This is a polite way of saying ‘retired’