Rotary International Presidential Peace Conference 2018
Rotary International Presidential Peace Conference 2018


Program Outline

Correct at 20 June 2018, subject to change.


Officially endorsed as an Apimondia Pollination Symposium

  • Congress Registration
  • Technical Tours
  • Optional “High Tea”
  • Evening Welcome Drinks and “Meet the Guest Speakers”

Full day Congress, sessions will include:

  • Pollination – Helping Beekeepers and Growers Maximise Profits
  • Symposium on Pollination – How Beekeepers Provide Better Pollination Services
  • Managing Pesticide use in a Pollinator Friendly World
  • Bee Breeding and Genetics in the Area of Genomics
  • Symposium on Pesticide Management. The Latest Risks and how Beekeepers can Best Navigate Them
  • Symposium on Bee Breeding

Connecting Young Beekeepers session
Trade Show Evening Function

Full day Congress, sessions will include:

  • Biosecurity Lessons for the Future-Apis Cerana and Varroa
  • How can we Design Agricultural Landscapes to Maximise Pollinator Efficacy?
  • Symposium: Biosecurity and Exotic Pest Threats for Australia’s Pollination Supply
  • Symposium: Pollination for Profith – how this Program is Positioning Australia’s Bees for Growth in Agriculture
  • Honey Bee Nutrition. Building Fantastic Colonies for Honey and Pollination
  • Honey Bee Viruses and how to Stop Them
  • Symposium: Optimising Bee Nutrition for Better Pollination with an eye on Risk
  • Symposium: Honey Bee Viruses

Congress Dinner

Full day Congress (finishing at Afternoon Tea), sessions will include:


  • Breaking the Sting Barrier: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Stingless Bees
  • Urban Beekeeping in Australia-Untapping the Resource
  • Global Honey Trade and its Impact on the Future of Pollination
  • Symposium: Pollination from the Growers Perspective
  • What is the Optimal Size of the Beekeeping Industry in Australia?
  • Symposium: The Pollination Contribution of Stingless Bees. What are the Key Impediments to Developing a Successful Industry?